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Watch a spoken interlude from the new Ritual Trio DVD from Delmark, "Live at the River East Art Center"

Also from the DVD, watch Ari and Kahil talk about how they are helping the next generation

How Kahil met Ari and how Ari joined the Ritual Trio


Excerpts of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble's 2005 residency in Bordeaux, France courtesy of filmmaker Dwayne Johnson Cochran

Read an interview with Alejandro Blei of Delmark Records

Read an interview with Lazaro Vega of

Read a fireside Chat with Fred Jung of

Read an interview with Scott Clyke, courtesy of

Read an interview with Scott C of the Montreal Mirror

Read an interview with Ron Netsky of the Rochester City News

Read an article by Eric Neel of New City

Listen to an interview on Pacifica's Peace Watch on NPR

Kahil El'Zabar  Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Photo
kahil el zabar